We are a team of 3D printing experts that know how challenging it is for people to lose a limb and deal with immobility or the inability to lose a hand. We are here to assist with all of that. Our primary focus is to help users make a better life, all thanks to using 3D printing services.

The thing that makes ThirdMesh stand out is the fact that all the prosthesis we created for our clients is 3D printed. This means the entire process is cost-effective and even people from emerging countries will be able to afford their own prosthesis without any problem.

The production time is also reduced, in fact, you are always in control and you will have no problem getting the best experience from us. We harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and the blockchain to create outstanding pieces that actually help change human lives.

We understand how difficult it is for someone to lose a limb and not be able to live the way they want. We are here to help, and we harness the power of amazing, new technologies like 3D printing to help save and also change lives. No one should have to deal with disabilities, and that’s why the ThirdMesh services are very affordable and designed to be fully customizable based on customer requirements.

Our entire community comes together regardless of differences. We believe that stuff like that doesn’t change the fact we are humans and we need to care for one another. With help from our unique technologies, we help users enjoy a better life.


Personalized Medicine For Everyone


We have a huge community that includes medical professionals, parents, kids, artists, coders, scientists, engineers and teachers, among others. All of us come together and we do everything we can in order to help kids and adults alike to finally walk or use their hands again. ThirdMesh is all about changing lives and offering patients that lost their limb a way to regain their life the best way that they can. We know that it’s not an easy thing to do, but we are always here to make the process as simple and as easy to go through as possible.

Using additive design and blockchain technologies to serve the unmet needs of healthcare communities by simplifying and expediting the process of manufacturing adaptable transformative devices. 

We are here to help our end users make a better life and live life on their own terms. 

Our objective is to provide transformative, affordable and customizable solutions that address the gaps where the conventional mass manufacturer are unable to fulfill.