Million Worldwide Disabled


Million Adults Disabled


Million Children Disabled

Healthcare Services

At ThirdMesh, our aim is to solve the biggest problem facing the healthcare industry right now: how to make care more accessible in emerging and transitioning countries. We believe that no one should be left without the healthcare they need, so we are here to do something about it.


Only 1 in 10 families have access to the prosthesis or assistive devices- meaning the other 9 have to simply live with their debilitating condition.

Production Time

Current assistive devices have a slow production time, so not enough are being made to meet the public demand.


Children grow out of their prosthetic device and to start the application process all over again in them can be very expensive.


Without enough trained healthcare professionals, not everyone can access the care and treatment that they need.


Most assistive devices on the market today are expensive, putting them out of reach of the people who need them 


Assistive devices today, require long stays in hospital and rehabilitation processes.

At ThirdMesh,

Using additive design technologies to serve the unmet needs of healthcare communities by simplifying and expediting the process of manufacturing adaptable transformative devices.


Custom Able combines 3D scanning, computer aided design, and printing technologies to create replacement limbs and other assistive devices virtually anywhere. With open source software and affordable hardware, healthcare professionals can easily create orthotic mobility devices and other tools at a price that patients can actually afford.


Delivering the local communities with the care and treatment that they need



Standard data fields and health information are redirected to the blockchain via Augmented Intelligence



3D printing technology to design simple yet effective medical devices


 Provide healthcare workers around the world with tools to deliver effective healthcare solutions

Benefits of #Custom Able Work

Increasing mobility access, limiting the impact of disabilities, and meeting patients’ unique needs.


Millions live with limb loss, and our open-source technologies can provide solutions for virtually all of these people


With appropriate rehabilitation services, most people with disabilities can become critical contributors to their communities


Cost-effective and lessens the burden of disability on children's growth


Rehabilitation services are worth long-term investment, offering hope, skills, and ultimately a better quality of life

ThirdMesh Developing 3D Printed Prosthetics For Emerging Countries

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How Can I Get a Custom Able Prosthetic Limb?